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Welcome To Last Chance Deer Tracking

You have been there before. The buck comes in slowly. You've got it in your sights. You shoot. It's clearly a hit and your adrenaline is high. Time to track it. You follow the blood trail and then, without warning, nothing. It's gone.

That's where Last Chance Deer Tracking and man's best friend come in to help.

Steve and his dog to the rescue to do everything they can to ethically recover game!

The dog is a 4 year old dachshund who is trained in the art of finding your game. With a very high success rate, Last Chance Deer Tracking is the place to call.

(810) 275-5936

So when the trail gets cold, mark your spot, and back out the way you came. 

Call Last Chance and be prepared to answer some questions.

Where do you think you may have hit the deer? Check your ego at the door. Not every shot is perfect. Was it high? Mid-body? Low?

Was it hit near the shoulders or the hindquarters?

How was the deer positioned when shot? Broadside? Quartering towards you? Quartering away from you?

How did the game react upon impact?

Were you hunting from a tree or from the ground?

How far away were you when you shot it? How far did you track it?

All of these questions will help Steve and Kion find your deer. While there are no guarantees that the game will be found, Last Chance has a very high success rate.

You can count on Last Chance Tracking and man’s best friend.

Rates vary depending on distance travelled. Will travel up to 3 hours.

(810) 275-5936

Customer Testimonials

This is one amazing tracker. If you have a second give this guys Facebook a like and read this story that happened this past Monday. We tracked this deer for miles and had one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

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